That's what it's all about

The 24 Hour Web Project was conceived in the SmallBox offices in Indianapolis, IN, inspired by something happening halfway across the world at FullCode Press. The idea for this project is: find a local nonprofit, gather a team, make said nonprofit a useful website in 24 hours, raise community awareness and maybe get them some donations in the process.

After six years of making websites for 24HWP, SmallBox decided it was time to broaden the challenge. After all, we offer many more services beyond designing and building websites, including branding, marketing and consulting of all kinds. Websites are great, but what else might we tackle?

24HWP is now 24H_P. You fill in the blank—web, brand, problem x—we’re up for any challenge. Same time, endless possibilities.

The Project takes place each Fall, a sure fire way to fill SmallBoxer hearts and fuel our need to be a part of our beloved Indy community. The team gets to revel in losing sleep helping out for a good cause, the nonprofit gets to solve a big problem overnight. Win-win, all around.

Here’s how we roll:

  1. We know the nonprofit organization in advance. They know who we are, too.
  2. We come to the table with a defined scope of the problem we’re to solve and any relevant assets or research needed to get the job done.
  3. We don’t know anything else until we get there. No solving until 24HWP begins!
  4. We’ve got just 24 hours to plan, design, build and solve.
  5. Naps are allowed. 20 minutes, tops. No guarantees we won’t draw on your face with a Sharpie, though!
  6. We’ll blog our way through the night, sharing progress every step of the way.