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Sara McGuyer
October 03, 2014
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24HWP Haikus

October 03, 2014

I asked our two teams if anyone wanted to write a 24 Hour Web Project inspired haiku for a blog collection. At 3:30 a.m. Color me impressed that after hours of plotting and planning, writing and editing, so many people still obliged. Ladies and gents, I present The Wee Hours Haiku Collection:

Website happening
Listen to all our clap claps
Midnight grilling yum

More and more I find
That words can sleep when minds can't
I'm speechless she yawned

Too tired for Haiku
But it's almost morning and
time for the reveal

Rollercoaster ride.
In an animated room.
Weeee, ahhhhh, boom, bing, boom!

Life is but a dream
Except when one does not sleep
The dream is now live

Two teams and one day
Boundless creativity
A website is born

Still grooving, clapping,
typing away in the wee
hours of the morning!

It is 3:00 a.m.
And we are still going strong
Website redesign!

Late night, things got weird.
Horse head mask, R. Kelly jams,
just off-beat dance moves.

Browser check, success
Kasey QAs the new site
like a gentle dove

Plate of Indian food.
Chutney only 9 hours old...
Think I might eat it.