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Kasey Bradley
September 07, 2012
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A Big Thanks (from SmallBox) to MFT!

September 07, 2012

Music! Ah, sweet music. Sure, music is "important" to your average internet marketer, but it is the very lifeblood of a SmallBoxer. We all have fancy headphones, and I would bet that if you grouped together all of the bands and musical acts that have been associated with SmallBox employees you would end up with a mid-sized music festival. So when we commit to working for 24 straight hours, you had better believe we are going to bring the rock. Luckily, our buddies over at Musical Family Tree have our backs. Jon Rogers and Ben Jones have spent a good portion of the evening taking turns on the wheels of steel, playing everything from Daft Punk to Michael Hurley.

Good job fellas! We have also had the opportunity to hear some amazing live guitar from Derek Johnson. Words don't do the sounds justice, but I can say that the man is a master of his craft.

Derek playing guitar.

Wrapping up the live acts of the evening was Dayton Carports, the solo project of Joey Shepard. If you're in to spacey, groovy wonderment, then Joey is your guy.

Joey on the guitar and keys.

It's not too often that you go to work and get a show, right? Big thanks to the Musical Family Tree gang for helping us keep going through the night - music is a critical part of our culture and it was a pleasure having you!