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Dawn Sparks
October 29, 2015
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Another 24 Hour Day, Another Dollar

October 29, 2015

It feels good to give, doesn’t it?  We think so! That’s why we do this every year. This is our seventh year of 24 Hour Web Project, and if there’s one thing that all of the non-profits we’ve worked with have in common, it’s the need to do some serious fundraising. How serious? That depends on your definition of serious. (When we’re sleep deprived we tend to play fast and loose with the term).


Here are some ways you can support the school over the next 16 hours or so. Keep an eye on our Twitter page to learn more: Or - save yourself some time and just donate here.  Who'll give me $24?  Come on - it's a dollar an hour, surely we''ve earned that?

  • Pick the Art Teacher’s new hair color
  • Make Jeb do Push-ups
  • Pay us to Wake Up and Nay Nay
  • Donate and get your hands on our toys