Year Five
Partners in Housing

High fives for PIH!

Could there be a better way to ring in 5 years of The 24 Hour Web Project than to pull an all-nighter with Partners in Housing (PIH)? We think not. The mission of PIH is to provide affordable housing to people who most need a stable place to live, while giving them support and a chance to reach their highest level of self-sufficiency. We were honored to help tell their good stories!

We had some new blood stepping up to lead the project. Tyler and Jenny took the reigns on the content planning side of things, and Elizabeth stepped in as project manager. Mayowa and Leigh partnered on photo and video. Abby headed up fundraising for PIH (because we do like to raise a few extra bucks for the nonprofit along the way).

Meanwhile, we all had gotten a year older... but turns out we stil have our "all-nighter" chops.

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October 02, 2013

Yep, we've done some things in the first five hours of the 24hwp. But I'm not going to talk about that here. Instead, let's focus on the manatee carrying a manatee. Look closely at the image, and you'll see what I mean!

Is that a manatee holding a manatee?

October 02, 2013

We're collecting donations and non-perishable food items for Partners in Housing during 24 Hour Web Project.

24HWP t-shirts

October 02, 2013

24 hours of sitting and working is tough, so we're scheduling in some physical activity. Behold - the 5 p.m. Plank Challenge.

Jordan planks

October 02, 2013

Jordan has the basics all set on our content management system so the team can start logging content.

SmallBox CMS


October 02, 2013

SmallBox just put up a splash page for Partners in Housing for while the site is under construction for The 24 Hour Web Project!

Partners in Housing splash page

October 02, 2013

We're building a website but wait! There's more! Swing by SmallBox HQ with non-perishable food donations or help raise funds for Partners in Housing!

October 02, 2013

Mountain Dew and beef jerky... must be time for an all-nighter. When I was a younger man, my weekend diet consisted almost solely of these two classics, augmented on occasion by Nesquick chocolate milk. I pulled a lot of all-nighters back then, but none were nearly this productive! Let's hear it for giving away super high quality websites to ultra-deserving Indianapolis nonprofits!


October 02, 2013

We like to tweet! Follow along with some of our tweeting fun... it's likely to get silly.

Dan Fahrner tweeting

October 02, 2013

We're off and rolling on the new Partners in Housing website, the fifth edition of the 24 Hour Web Project. Follow along as we populate the 2013 #24hwp project board! 

24 Web Project 2013 Progress Board

October 02, 2013

We always kick off The Project with lunch. We need fuel for the creative process. Partners in Housing hooked us up with some delicious eats from Brewhouse! 

Chips from Brewhouse

October 02, 2013
In order to prep for this madness, a little music is in order. Allow me to present the theme song of the morning - the 24 Hour Web Project theme...
October 02, 2013

Partners in Housing's website is set to get an total overhaul in the next 24 hours thanks to SmallBox's 24 Hour Web Project. Before we get started, let's take a peek at the "Before."

Partners in Housing site "before"