Year Seven
School for
Community Learning

Seven Year Itch

After six years of pulling all-nighters with worthy and wonderful nonprofits, we have a bit of an itch. We've gotten pretty good at pulling off the challenge of a 24-hour design and build of a website. And as it turns out, we offer a lot of other services—branding, marketing and consulting of all kinds.

24HWP is now 24H_P. You fill in the blank—web, brand, problem x—we’re up for any challenge. Same time, endless possibilities.

Good thing our recipient was up for this too! We tackled a website and campaign (with a whole slew of print pieces) simultaneously.


October 29, 2015

Heart, Mind, Voice is a common phrase at Project Libertas, but on a chilly fall day we've been talking more about cold hands, warm hearts!

October 01, 2015

The time is nigh... it's 24 Hour Web Project month!

24HWP doodle

June 29, 2015

We're so very excited to announce this year's #24H_P recipient...

April 21, 2015

Here's the scoop on why we dropped the web over at Read more



April 03, 2015

It's hard to believe the 7th edition of 24 Hour Web Project is upon us. As in past years, we've taken a hard look at our process and plans to explore how we might up our game from the year before. We found our answer by looking at the growth and changes in SmallBox service offerings. Read More