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Elizabeth Heil
October 03, 2014
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Diggin' Deep

October 03, 2014

This is it- the home stretch. The final few hours of this crazy website sprint. Several of us did our best to grab a little nap at some point during the night, but no one slept longer than an hour, so we are definitely running on fumes... and coffee. The wee hours of the morning can feel overwhelming and almost unbearable with the weight of fatigue on your shoulders. But it's these slap-happy moments of physical weakness that truly push us to come together as a team and race to the finish together. We have quite the punch list to tackle before we can push this website live, but I have no doubt that we will join forces in amazing ways. It's these final hours that remind me just how important collaboration and communication is to a project, and the value in finishing strong. After all, it would not be a truly successful project without proper celebration upon launch- no matter how tired we are! So- stay tuned- just a couple short hours before we unveil a beautiful, user-friendly website that proudly communicates the value and impact INRC is making in our city!