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Kasey Bradley
October 02, 2014
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Donate to INRC - Get Some Sweet Swag

October 02, 2014

SmallBox has teamed up with Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center (INRC) for this year's 24 Hour Web Project... and we're not horsing around.

Okay, maybe we are a little.

INRC inspires and strengthens neighborhoods by helping residents identify their best points and use those assets to achieve a new level of well-being and community. In an effort to help them boost their reach we are encouraging the fine folks of Indianapolis - some of whom may live in neighborhoods - to donate via their JustGive donation page.

Those who do will get some sweet swag. Swag like...

  • A copy of Indianapolis-based musician DMA’s “Pheel Phree” or Jorma Whittaker’s “Jorma” on vinyl from local label Joyful Noise. ($15)
  • Musical Family Tree Mix - A selection of Indiana music on CD and a copy of “Nine Different Kinds of Gone: A Tribute to Kenny Childers” on vinyl. ($25)
  • A SmallBox swag bag featuring some of our favorite things. ($30)
  • A SmallBox Growler Kit featuring a growler, glasses, coasters, and a wooden carrying case. ($45)

...and more! We will be shuffling new swag in as the night goes on, so make sure to tell everyone you know! Once you donate you will receive an email with instructions on acquiring your swag.

This brings us back to the mask. If you donate $10 a SmallBoxer will wear the mask for 10 minutes while cranking out their work and then it will be put on YouTube for all of the world to see.

Don't hate - donate. Don't be a drag - get some swag.