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Sara McGuyer
April 28, 2016
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End of an Era

April 28, 2016

They say all good things must come to an end – even the best things, like 24 Hour Web Project.

SmallBox has undergone a major transformation over the past seven years since we started offering a free website to one nonprofit per year through 24 Hour Web Project. When we first took the leap in 2009, web design and development were our core services and area of expertise. SmallBox was half of its current size.

Fast forward to 2015. As our team grew over the years, so did our mastery of areas beyond web and marketing – user experience, strategic planning, facilitation and design thinking. Our hope was to transition 24 Hour Web Project to be inclusive of all of the new and exciting work we were doing and to broaden our potential impact. We dreamed about a service design project, something where we challenged ourselves beyond marketing and websites.

Pivoting 24HWP away from “web” proved difficult. Its name alone created a challenge to this. While last year did result in more interesting and creative proposals from the nonprofits who applied, each one involved a website or marketing component of some kind. We still love those things, but we were ready for an opportunity that would challenge us in the way that building a website in 24 hours did in the beginning.

This year, instead of trying to turn a fond and long-beloved project into something it isn’t, we decided to let it go — to make space for something new.

So, what’s next? We’re not sure just yet, but knowing how passionate SmallBoxers are about our community, we’ll certainly find other, perhaps even more impactful, ways to get involved. So stay tuned, check up on us over at smallbox.com, and thank you for an amazing seven years! See the full announcement over on the SmallBox blog.