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Sara McGuyer
October 02, 2014
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Feelgoodery & Marketing Planning

October 02, 2014

Dan and Drew led back-to-back marketing sessions – one focused on audiences and how to engage them, followed by some marathon editorial and blog planning.

Dan has mastered the whiteboard marker pointer, don't you think? It's one of his signature moves. He focused on audiences and high level strategy. He also coined a new word, and we think this one has legs: Feelgoodery. That's what we're going for with INRC.

Dan Fahrner leading a marketing session

Next up: Drew led blog planning, focusing on topics, frequency and more. There were so many blog ideas flying around, the meeting couldn't possibly end on time. In fact, we held up the home page design reveal to give these brainiacs a little more ideation time. They could have kept on rolling...

Good things happen when you get this many smart folks in one room:

Blog session led by Drew DeBoy