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July 15, 2009
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Final status check

July 15, 2009

Team 24 reports the following conditions:

Ben - 4 hours sleep, not sick, mostly organized
Karl - possibly hung over and detoxing, not sick, not organized
Lydia - 6 hours sleep, still a little sick, organized
PJ - 4 hours sleep, sore throat, mostly organized
Kelly - 8 hours sleep, extremely perky, mostly organized
Jeb - 7 hours sleep, barely aware that his staff will be unavailable for awhile
Jordan - well I haven't seen Jordan yet so I can't say
Nora - apparently binged on Tootsie Rolls, frankly I am a little worried about her

UPDATE: Jack's sick, but he's going to make his way in too, after more sleep than any of the rest of us.