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September 06, 2012
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From the litter to the real-world in eleven hours, 21 minutes and 35 seconds.

September 06, 2012

Shazaam. What a day. Since arriving at the 24 Web/Video project at noon today, we've been in high gear collecting stories from ICANers in Indianapolis and a wonderful family down in Bloomington, Indiana, who are seeing the real-world benefits of a service dog at work. We even got to hang out with two eight week old puppies—Olympia and Teddy—who are just beginning their journey into a life of service. (Yes, they're as impossibly cute as their names.) This is a story of an organization with real soul, whose mission is as much about training service dogs as it is offering education and rehabilitation to offenders. Yep. The dogs in this program spend two years in the state penal system with a special group of inmate trainers who discover a second chance to give back and change lives before handing over their trained companions to people with developmental and physical disabilities. It's nearly midnight, and we're midway through the video edit and hoping to strike gold for an organization we believe in. Can't wait to share the day's work and present a compelling story of love, hope and puppy kisses. This has been an amazing experience, with a group of rock stars beating it out together to make the world a little better place to live. Thanks all, Skyler Lawson & Jason Roemer

Skylar and Jason from Lodge