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Jason Ward
October 03, 2014
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October 03, 2014

The thing about 24 Hour Web Project is that it feels like a work-ation. Sure, we are designing and building a website in less than a single calendar day, but we are also having a crap-ton of fun! This year, Mayowa Dawn and I got to contribute visual content to the new INRC website. It was a blast wandering around various Indy neighborhoods, taking photos of nouns and verbs. It was probably even more fun spending a couple hours with coworkers outside of the office, in the wild.

Photo Carpet Bombing

In an effort to work as efficiently as possible, Mayowa and I took two hours in the early evening and snapped roughly 600 photos across four different east side neighborhoods. It was a veritable photography carpet bombing!

Sometimes you just have to get out there and snap some photos. Sometimes you have to get out there and snap photos of people snapping photos. Sometimes those people will be hiding behind trees.