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October 03, 2014
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#heartmyhood: Herron-Morton Place by Lori Rozgonyi

October 03, 2014

My love for HMP began during the Talbot Street Art Fair in 1991. My husband and I were expecting our first child and we needed a home, rather than an apartment for our child. Saw the house, loved it, put an offer in. A big house, large enough for guests to come and stay, big kitchen so I could cook and feed masses of people. Those things happen repeatedly. But it was the friendships we would make, the traditions we developed that became a part of our family's story. In each other's kitchens and homes we would discuss the problem of the day be it babysitting, school choice, Children's Museum activities, summer camps and share with one another until we reached a solution. We relied on one another's opinions and experiences. When it came to working on these 100+ year old homes, we went to our neighbors who would share tips on how to fix things. I love HMP for the people who've so greatly enriched my life and my family.


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