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Sara McGuyer
September 07, 2012
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Lodge Really Did It

September 07, 2012

While we wait for the site to finish its journey loading up to the internets, we have something seriously cool to share with you. Early in our planning phases, we decided we wanted to expand our 24 Hour Web Project offering to include a full marketing makeover. We knew video would be a critical piece. We turned to the talented team at Lodge Design, and before we could even get the whole "Will you donate this..." request our of our mouths, they jumped on it. And then proceeded to melt our hearts. Seriously, this video made a room full of grown adults get that lump-in-the-throat feeling and all misty-eyed too. ICAN has a great story to tell, and Lodge hit a major league home run showing it in moving pictures. Hooray to Lodge for being awesome and donating this video!