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Elizabeth Heil
October 02, 2013
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Chuggin' Along

October 02, 2013

Wow- we have logged 10 hours already in this crazy website building adventure. After revealing the home page designs to Partners in Housing and then taking a dinner break, everyone is plugging away at their respective duties.

  • Our content team is busy writing copy that tells the story of Partners in Housing. 
  • The design team is working on content blocks and interior page design, as well as creating the responsive design. 
  • Our developers are building out the home page and bringing the site to life.
  • Content is being added to the CMS, with editing right around the corner.
  • Our marketing team is building out an editorial calendar with blog topics to keep Partners in Housing blogging for months to come.
  • Photos and video are being edited.
  • The email template is being designed.
  • Title tags and meta descriptions are being written for all of the website pages.

Whew- lots going on! It is so exciting to see this team bringing their A+ game to make magic happen in these 24 hours.

We're still taking donations both online and collecting canned goods here at the office for Thanksgiving. Please join us in giving to this great organization!

Now- back to work...