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Kasey Bradley
October 02, 2013
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Red Pen Count: 6

October 02, 2013

Back in college, when I spend my days and nights at The Ball State Daily News, I found out one of the harsh truths about writers - some of them don't like to be edited. Some people get a little wary when they see a page marked up.

...but SmallBox is all about making every page count! Sure, we only have 24 hours to help Partners In Housing develop a site - but typos? No way. Not on our watch. To paraphrase a t-shirt (obviously the source of ALL wisdom) I've seen Jason Ward wearing around the office - typos let the errorists win.

If we want to come out on top we've got to deploy ordinance!

We are at six pens and holding. Edit when you see the whites of their papers!