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Drew DeBoy
October 29, 2015
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A Little More About the School For Community Learning

October 29, 2015

One of the coolest aspects about the 24 Hour Web Project is the opportunity, year after year, to work with different community institutions across an incredible range of interests, ages, and yes, even species (see the pups of Year Four's winner, ICAN). This year is no different – while we've crossed paths with nonprofits who emphasize education in one form or another (and really, all nonprofits must educate new donors, potential followers, and the community at large), we'd yet to work with an expressly educational institution – a school!

As someone who almost fell into teaching before working in a library (thank you, English degree) and whose family includes multiple teachers, I was particularly excited about meeting this year's partner: the School for Community Learning (formerly known as Project Libertas). If you're like me and hadn't yet known of their existence, here's what you need to know.


School for Community Learning


Located off W. 42nd Street, just south of Butler University and northeast of Crown Hill.

The Basics

The School for Community Learning is an independent, small school that utilizes a progressive education model that emphasizes individual student needs and interests, community and civic involvement, and environmental responsibility with each student, Kindergarten through 8th grade. 

What's Unique About the School for Community Learning?

Where traditional school models may set curriculum at a school or district level, the School for Community Learning emphasizes the passions and interests of the students themselves as a key facet in pursuing real-world, experiential learning and problem-solving through projects involving fields as diverse as social justice and urban farming, to yoga and LARPing. 

Why the Name Change? 

As part of their strategic plan for growth, the School for Community Learning embarked on a rebranding project earlier this year – resulting in its new name, previously known as Project Libertas, which was a transitional name that expressed the commitment and passion for building on relationships built with students, families, and the community, and a project-based, interactive educational model that had previously existed as The Project School, before that school lost its city charter. 

What's Going On During This Year's 24HWP?

This year, we're focused on two (separate but connected) projects – a new website with updated branding, design, and content, and a capital fundraising campaign that includes content and design for print and digital assets.

What's Next?

The School for Community Learning will utilize its new brand, website, and campaign to become more visible to families seeking educational opportunities for their children – and to grow both its student body and fundraising capacity in order to provide the optimal educational experience and be better known for their community-based school all across Indianapolis.

Want to donate to the school? Go here