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Sara McGuyer
April 03, 2015
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The Seven Year Itch?

April 03, 2015

It's hard to believe the 7th edition of 24 Hour Web Project is upon us. As in past years, we've taken a hard look at our process and plans to explore how we might up our game from the year before. We found our answer by looking at the growth and changes in SmallBox service offerings.

When we orginiated the project, designing and building websites was our sole focus. Soon after, we added marketing services, then branding. Today we offer consulting on any number of things, from strategic planning to building core values to employee experience, in addition to custom web design and development. We decided, why pigeonhole ourselves to just one of our offerings? Websites are great, but what else might we tackle?

24HWP is now 24H_P. You fill in the blank—web, brand, problem x—we’re up for any challenge.

We realize "any challenge" sounds sort of vague, so we've decided to share a few interesting example projects that have captured our imagination and would be right up our alley:

Charity Water Digital Annual Report

Charity Water digital annual report
Why we love it: Many of our clients are nonprofits (and some of us once worked in nonprofits too), so we understand what a major time investment planning, writing and designing annual report can be. We also love seeing a new crop of interactive, digital annual reports because of how they bring a nonprofit's story to life.
See the Annual Report ››

Bottle Bank Arcade

Why we love it: We love this because it's a playful solution to help increase recycling and creative positive behavior change. Gamification has taken the world by storm, and we're okay with that. After all, our team hosts a regular game night and are certified GenCon junkies.

Boathouse's healthy food microsite

Boathouse healthy foods microsite
Why we love it: What's not to love? Animated veggies battle sprinkle-covered treats in real-time, comparing social shares of healthy and unhealthy food. We love the use of social data to create awareness about an important issue.
See the Microsite ››

What is Affordable Housing? Toolkit

What is Affordable Housing Tooklit

Why we love it: We love that this toolkit takes a serious and complex issue and breaks it down in ways that are simple to understand and share with others in both analog and digital form.
Explore the Toolkit ››

So, what does this all mean?

It means dream big! We're up for tackling anything that requires creative problem solving. We do enjoy a good challenge, so no holding back. Applications for the 2015 24H_P open on April 20th. That means you have a couple of weeks to start dreaming up how together we can fill in the blank!