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Sara McGuyer
June 29, 2015
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We have a winner!

June 29, 2015

Before I just blurt out the winner – who doesn't love a little suspense, right? – let me give you a couple of reasons why we're over the moon about this year's recipient.

1) Over the past several years, SmallBox has been building up expertise by working with clients in the education space. Our current clients include Lumina Foundation, Purdue Center for Food and Agricultural Business, IU Office of Online Education, IUPUI Department of Undergraduate Education, IUPUI Degree Completion Office, USA Funds, Purdue College of Education and IU Alumni Association. Notice anything in common? They're all focused on higher and post-secondary education.

This year's 24 Hour Web Project recipient, a student-centered, community-focused independent school serving grades K-8, will allow us to explore primary education. And we are pretty excited about that!

2) Curiosity is one of our core values, and one thing SmallBoxers share is that we're life-long learners. Serving the education sector helps us further both of these things. All around, we noticed all kinds of values alignment with this year's recipient.

Without further ado, we're pleased to announce that this year's winner is...

Check out Jenny's blog over on smallbox.com for more details!