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Dawn Sparks
October 02, 2014
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What's a Biz Dev Manager to do?

October 02, 2014

So it’s been 8 hours since we kicked off 24 Hour Web Project. There is someone in the Collaboratorium wearing a monkey mask; a spongy, yellow nerf dart just grazed my forehead; and I just ate my first chocolate covered espresso bean (brute deliciousness!). I bet you thought that building a website in 24 hours was going to be boring!

Anne-Marie in a mokey mask

As biz dev manager at SmallBox, I’m kind of out of my wheelhouse here.  All around me, Boxers are staring at screens – some feverishly typing code, some writing content, still others are taking the photos that we snapped this afternoon and magically turning them into infographics. Lines of Lorum ipsum lie in wait for the stories that will take their place and I walk from room to room watching it all happen.

Developers and designers, content producers, project managers –all working in chorus to tell the story of an organization that helps neighborhoods create happy endings. I wish I had paid more attention in art class. Sarah Herbert is a mad little sketcher! (You’ll see her work on the INRC site in about 14 hours).  Everyone has something to do – everyone contributes to the project.

Since I can’t build a wireframe or design a landing page, I’m doing what I do best – having conversations (and asking a lot of questions). Before the 24HWP I didn’t  know that the Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center existed, or that their primary purpose is to develop community leaders and equip them to organize, mobilize and make positive changes in their neighborhoods and communities. Turns out leaders don’t just grew on trees – they’re developed in INRC’s Indianapolis Community Building Institute.

Because of our #heartmyhood campaign, I learned that there are hundreds of neighborhood associations, alliances, and coalitions all around our city that do more than organize garage sales – they build parks, support schools, plant trees, and mobilize crime watch teams. Spending time with Anne-Marie and the INRC team, I am again inspired to learn more, to get involved and spread the word.  And I’m not surprised that their team is turning out to be great project partners. They came ready to work and willing to play!

Sometimes I am humbled by how little I really know about what goes on in the city I call home, and I am reminded why I love my job. Because my job is to listen to stories, and then help them get told in new and interesting ways by this talented group of people I call co-workers.  How cool is that?