Got questions? We have some answers!

Who can apply?
We’re looking for Indianapolis-based nonprofit organizations who have official 501c3 status and currently have a problem or challenge to solve—it might be a re-brand, finding a way to better serve an audience, a public awareness campaign or a website redesign. There are a few additional requirements, including having dedicated staff who can pull the all-nighter with us and approve decisions as we go along. Also, the organization must be available during a mutually agreed upon 24 hour time period in September to complete the project!

How do I apply?
We open the application process in late spring annually. If you’d like to be notified when we’re taking applications, please . When applications are open, simply go to the Apply page and fill out the form. Applications for 2015 are now closed.

What kind of challenge can I submit?
Generally we’re up for any kind of challenge! Our core services include web, brand and marketing. We also offer consulting on a wide range of things, from choosing core values to strategic planning to service delivery and business design. Basically anything that might require creative problem solving is fair game!

How do I know if my project is the right size?
We’re up for pushing ourselves, so a project to create one small piece of collateral wouldn’t be enough for our appetite for challenge. On the other hand, we need the scope to be such that we can do great work within the 24 hour constraint. How big is that? you ask. Well, it depends.

The best bet is to dream big. If we love your idea, but think it might be too big, we will reach out to you with questions and adjust scope as needed.

How do you choose?
Our team sifts through all of the applications. Our number one priority is to choose an organization that we can enable to fulfill their mission in bigger, better ways. We love hearing your thoughts on how and why we will help you help more people. Go on, be creative in those answers!

It’s always a tough choice, but we narrow it down to a few finalists. Each finalist is set up with an interview with our team to determine the winner! We look for things like passion and fit, among all of the other criteria.

How can I get involved?
For community partners, friends and the like, you can participate in the 24 Hour Web Project in a number of ways: